Thursday, February 4, 2010


lately... it's been a tad crazy. just a tad.
yesterday, I had class until 6 o'clock, came home, ate food, and went straight to youth group. so that's why I didn't have time to post yesterday. it's not an apology, but an explanation. 

but today, i'm making time :) i've been doing homework all day, and have barely made a dent. [eeek!]  plus, i'm doing a lot of promo stuff for my youth group at the moment, which I am really excited about. maybe I can share some of it here soon.

on another note, last night, I made time to watch this movie before I had to return it to blockbuster...  Bright Star. what a beautiful movie!
i mean really! why don't I live there?
the story was beautiful too.
I cried.


  1. Love this movie, and quite surprised abbie cornish didn't get an oscar nod.


  2. this looks lovely. haven't seen it, but apparently i should?

  3. Never heard of that movie but I definitely plan on checking it out!