Friday, February 26, 2010

fill in the blanks.

1.  When I'm nervous I     my mind tends to race and then I usually laugh at myself because there's no need to be nervous  .

2.  My favorite item in my closet is     my black dress... you can do anything with it! 

3.       Watching a great indie movie       is my favorite thing to do when I need to relax.

4.  My favorite childhood memory is      probably going to visit my family down south... it was always an adventure    

5.  Something you may not know about me is     that I have broken my femur (largest bone in the body) and have had plastic surgery (because of a third degree burn... i'm not one of those people)  .

6.  A true friend      will tell you when you are acting like a idiot and expects the same   .

7.  Something I hope people think of when they think of me is     I'm not as insane as I seem (but I really don't care what people think... haha)    .

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  1. 1.When I'm nervous I: don’t normally make eye contact and my mind goes annoyingly blank.

    2.My favorite item in my closet is: my black skirt. I can wear it for any occasion for instance if I put some grey pajama pants under it it’s extremely comfortable to just play around in, but put some black tights and a nice shirt on and it’s instantly formal. Plus I like black! No I’m not goth!!!!

    3.Video games or reading are my favorite thing to do when I need to relax.

    4.My favorite childhood memory is: probably hanging out at my grandparent’s house on Christmas Eve night then riding all the way home in my pajamas.

    5.Something you may not know about me is: that I hurt my ankle really bad by jumping on the bed when I was younger! Yeah I can laugh about it now, but there was certainly no laughing when I did it... :(

    6.A true friend is: someone you can say anything to.

    7.Something I hope people think of when they think of me is: that I’m a smart girl who knows when to joke and when to pay attention.

  2. i love me a good indie movie.

    one of my favorites is "winter passing" with will ferrell and zooey deschanel. worth a watch if you haven't seen it.

    thanks for playing along this week!

    hope you have a great weekend.