Friday, February 12, 2010

peter pan

i watched disney's peter pan last night for inspiration for a disney-costume-birthday-tea-party that i'm going to next weekend for my friends birthday :) i'm going as wendy darling! I'm so exctied to see what the birthday girl dresses up as... her mom was mickey mouse at disneyland and so she loves everything disney! 
but i'm starting thinking about the version of peter pan that I watched as I little girl.
It was the 1960 musical version with Mary Martin as peter pan... i watched that movie over, and over, and over.... I still really love the way that version kept a lot of J. M. Barrie's really portrayed the "never grow up" aspect well :)

am I the only one who loved this version?
it still makes me happy 

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  1. both of them were watched many many times at my house. my grandparents gave me the 1960 version.