Tuesday, March 9, 2010


first of all, thanks for all the concern about my crashed computer... and yes, i had withdrawals. haha! When my dad took my computer in and found out that all of the insides needed to be replaced I think my heart stopped a little. ouch!
anywho, it's been a week. a WEEK without my computer and I'm finally back! and SO many wonderful things happened... maybe I should go without a computer more often.... hahahaha, PSYCH.

but anyways... let us recap:
1. I FINALLY got to see my friends after a month. a month! that's a long time!
we hung out at their school,
went on a joy ride,
while singing along to Taylor the Latte Boy and various Passion Pitt songs... (don't we just look adorable?... not!)
ate like teenagers,
and saw a cute old man with a cute old car!
2. I got my Record Player and stereo set up!
and it sound sooo good.
4. I've compiled a list of records that I want :) there's way more than pictured here.
5. I went thrift store shopping and found this cuuute thermos
well, that's the highlights! hope your week was as good as mine was... and i gotta tell ya, it's good to be back! Hopefully I can catch up on reading some of y'alls blogs too :)


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  1. Yay you're back! glad you had a nice week!