Tuesday, October 20, 2009

weekend. part 1.

pumpkin patch! 
i bought two little ones and am going to paint them instead of carve them :)

bright flash. i'm not that white.
lemon festival :)
i had been waiting for that lemon ice cream for for-ev-er. it is the reason i even go to lemonfest

{all done with poladroid}

xo. emilia


  1. JERK.

    Where's the Hemet Lemon Festival!? EH!? EH!?
    We only have the "Hemet Homeless Festival"
    And that's every day.

  2. i just read that five times... and laughed each time. out loud. in class. i'm crazy. people are aware.

    p.s. instead of crazy... i almost put crappy. instead of crappy i almost put crappopy. i'm a genius.
    p.s.s. please say crappopy out loud, then proceed to say "i'm crappopy"