Thursday, October 22, 2009

oh boy. CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY week. 
so... here's just a few things that went through my brain these past few days.

1. homework homework homework. stress stress stress.

2. Katy Perry stole Zooey Deschanel's face... AND ruined head over heals-- one of Tears for Fears best songs.... arg! Kids in the Way's rendition was so much better. so very good.

3. i've wanted a beanie for some time now.
mitchell davis has one.... but I don't.

{p.s. i'm still in highschool.. so i'm allowed to like mitchell davis.}

4. cuteness. way too much.

5. this! i made one today :)
but mine didn't turn out so pretty...

great tutorial from making chicken salad.

anywho. that's all i have time for at the moment... hope your autumn is fantastic!

p.s. i saw where the wild things are! :) :)

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