Saturday, October 10, 2009

i've come to notice that I post a lot of pictures on here... but they're so pretty, i can't stop :). anyway, I guess i'd rather share a picture than type out my life's complications and problems... this is not that kind of blog.

anywho. it finally feels like autumn! i am so loving it :) it's perfect weather to watch a movie... or read a book. my october/november  list looks a little something like this:

i am l o v i n g The Element by Ken Robinson... and learning a lot. after that I plan on reading the Lovely Bones. I've heard it's really good, and the movie looks amazing! 

i love Peter Jackson's work. I'm glad he directed it... he did such an amazing job transforming LoTR from book into film(s). 

speaking of books into film... who is NOT excited for this movie? ahhh!

i'm going to start my Max halloween costume soon :)



  1. The lovely bones is so good, but don't read it when you're having a good day because it'll depress you
    and don't read it when you're having a bad day because it'll make it worse
    so... read it when you're having a very neutral day

    love your blog, by the way

  2. thank you!
    i'm so excited to start the book :)