Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pangea Fest 2010 & Dominic Balli

Last night, my youth group and I went to Pangea Fest, a festival held at Santa Barbara City College that celebrates the world as one and encourages youth activism. There were vendors, representatives from Invisible Children and musical performances like Dominic Balli 
Oh! and they were handing out these balloon noisemakers (obnoxious little devices) and the look on my youth pastor's daughter's face when she realized what it did was just hilarious.
There were also vendors. Of course, the vintage clothing vendor was my favorite. 
Check out these Fresh Prince-esque I found! I personally like mine the best... i thought it was very Jazz-like. :)
oh... and I had to kick myself for lacking money that night when I found a Clash shirt.
and of course, there was a Dominic Balli concert!

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