Friday, April 9, 2010

ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES: recap & pictures

yesterday was TOMS One Day Without Shoes!
it was definitely a worthwhile experience... that's for sure.
I walked to my old high school (which I no longer go to because I'm in Middle College) with my youth group and spent the day there.
7am, 50ยบ outside...
we walked 3.5 miles to school
and made it! but don't let the smiles fool you.... our feet hurt...
Let me tell ya, we got a lot of questions as to why we were barefoot
and the school administration did not like that we were.
Suspension threats were flying everywhere!
YES... they were going to suspend us for not wearing shoes.
They didn't even care to know what the cause was
Even I got suspension threats and I didn't even go to that school! absurd.

As of now, its the morning later and I'm definitely suffering the consequences from 
going a full day barefoot. My feet have blisters, my knees hurt, parts of my feet are 
totally raw from rubbing against the pavement.... I could go on.
but long story short:
I will never take shoes for granted ever again.

p.s. this song came to mind yesterday :)


  1. congrats on making it through the day! i'm celebrating my day without shoes today..had a few sewing classes yesterday and my professors do not tolerate no shoes in the lab. glad someone else cared enough about this cause to do it! it's amazing how much difference even the flattest sandal can make in our lives.

  2. Wow, GREAT JOB!!! I don't know if I could do that! lol
    And I LOVE your pics too!!!! There amazing!! :D

  3. Awesome job. I'm sure your feet pain is completely worth it. =D

  4. awesome job! you guys look like you all had a lot of barefoot fun that day :)