Friday, January 15, 2010

highschool dropout.

I dropped out of high school today.
well, technically not...
but today was my last day of traditional highschool.
beginning on january 25th, i will be a part-time independent study, part-time college student... at age sixteen. am i insane? probably. but insane or not, I can't be in highschool any longer. frankly, I've never enjoyed it. I need a change. I need a challenge. I need art. 
I really want to pursue graphic art and begin my portfolio and the art classes offered at my local CC should be incredible (at least when compared to my high school's art classes).
but first, I have an entire week off from school! I'm planning on crafting, vintage shopping, cleaning out my closet.... starting fresh.
i'm very excited :)
anything new on your end of the blog sphere?

p.s. me and my dad are looking for a record player. maybe a suitcase crosley?
this one is amazing.

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  1. high school was lame. i made it all the way through. but college is way better. i went to cc and it was great. hope you like it!