Friday, January 22, 2010


ugh. why does everything cost so much?
i'm going through one of my "i want! i want! i want!" phases. it's pretty bad. but how can i help it, when everything out there is so darn cool? for instance...

1. I dying for a record player... but my parents are holding off on buying one because they know I'll go crazy with collecting records... which may be true (no shame though, right?)
i like this one

or this one perhaps

2. I can't get enough books. seriously there are so many cool books. If someone were to buy me these books i would love them forever...
(found on

3. lastly, the Coraline soundtrack. I mean, it's amazing. so eery. 

jeez. if only things could be free every once in awhile. 
p.s. vote vote vote! for this video that was submitted by the girls over at mucho mucho bueno bueno to the coconut records music video contest. 


  1. Hello New Blog Friend. Thanks for visiting my blog, much appreciated! I am now following you, and look forward to reading your posts. :)
    Love Lady G xx.

  2. I know how you feel Emilia! Everything costs to much...!

    P.S. Love the song you posted!! It's pure awesomeness!! :)

  3. That first bluish-color record player is awesome! =) I have a big, bulky Crosley one (record player/CD player/cassette/radio) that I got for my birthday last year. And collecting records is fine. It's also surprisingly cheap! I've found good records in local thrift stores for about 50 cents each.
    I've been on a book craze lately, too.