Tuesday, September 15, 2009

well... i haven't posted in over a week now, which is probably due to the fact that i have had the craziest week! 

After the holiday weekend, i had to jump right back into my school routine... which included not only school work [graphic projects, essays, tests, labs etc.] but club work too [baking cookies, staying at school until 9pm two days in a row, selling brochures that nobody wanted to buy...] ahh! let's just say that I was so relieved when the weekend was finally here....

psych! not really. Instead, I woke up on saturday morning SICK, and i've been in bed ever since. (except for yesterday, i went to school despite being sick... big mistake)

so i guess i'll have a movie day! benny&joon anyone?

probably my favorite movie :]

hope no one else is sick :)

p.s. i want!

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