Thursday, August 13, 2009


ahh. so far, the day has been successful. i love random shopping days... especially when i'm not looking for anything. because on those days, i find actually something. First --at Ross-- i found some cute jeans for school (ugh.) and a lovely glass canister to fill with an assortment of buttons :]

Second. I went to my favorite local thrift store and found THE polaroid camera that I have been drooling over the last couple months. let me tell ya... I couldn't believe that i found it.

and for what price you ask?-- $3! oh yes. i don't even care if it works. it is gorgeous, and i adore it.

AND. to top it all off... my parents have been planning to block off a part of the living room and create another bedroom so my little sister can FINALLY move out of mine (after 16 long years... i will finally have my own room). ANYWHO... the building process started today, and I am way past excited.


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